Saturday 4 October 2014

Favourite photo on Instagram

Seriously, this challenge is kicking my behind. Every prompt so far has looked deceptively simple, but once you sit down and try to answer it, you find out - it's hard! This one is no exception. 
I love snapping photos, and I love Instagram. Currently, there are 1,131 pictures posted, and that number grows daily. How to choose a favourite? It's like asking me which one of my 5 dogs is my favourite! It's impossible! (Pst, for a clue: look at the following pictures. But don't tell the others!)

However, in the team spirit of this challenge, I narrowed it down to two. Plus I threw in my most popular IG pic (I think), just to make it a nice unround number. Who has ever heard of top 2? Nobody, that's who. You gotta have at least 3. 

So here my personal two favourite photos: 

No surprise, they are both of my Corgi Lily. Just love that little rascal!

And this is the crowd's fave (42 likes):

Do you love instagram? What are your favourite kinds of photos to post?

Happy Saturday!


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  1. The crowd favorite is definitely really cute, the color of the dress is fantastic. But that dog of yours omg...seriously those ears...<3
    Luchessa @

  2. I love the pics. Lily is so cute!

  3. I love all three of those pics! It's true - you couldn't choose just one of those.



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