Friday 3 October 2014

Style: Sometimes I pretend to be artsy

Today there are two posts. Is that dedication or what??
I took these pictures last week, and had a ton of fun editing them. Just in case it is unclear what I'm trying to achieve here: This is supposed to be a high fashion photo shoot, baby. Do you see it now? You do? Okay, good. I mean, it's glaringly obvious of course, but I thought I better state it here as a fact. Just in case.  
Ha, I'm kidding of course. I bought this cool skirt from Target, and the material is crazy: it has 15% rubber in it! It feels like scuba diving gear, and it is really stiff, but not uncomfortably so. Just - well, rubbery. A bit of a funky smell to it, too. But I love the shape of the skirt so much, I decided to accept the rubbery smell as an adequate trade-off for the shape. Nothing is free in life, you know?

After I bought the skirt, I decided I needed appropriate tights for it - and I found these bad boys. They are nice and thick, so hopefully they will last through the winter. And the print is just amazing!

With these 2 key pieces in place, I simply couldn't do a boring old photo shoot. So this here is my attempt at being 'artsy'. Or something. 

Blouse: ModCloth; skirt: Target; tights: The Shoe Company; shoes: gift

Have you bought any rubbery clothing lately?

Love, Miriam

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  1. I love this outfit! You have such a cute style and can pull it off so well...I admire that! Fun clothes suit your personality :D
    ~ Samantha

  2. you look great, such a cool skirt! :D

  3. Those tights are too cool. And the skirt looks awesome! When you sit down does it kind of puff up in the front? The material seems so stiff - kind of like the old fashion hoops under the hoop skirts of yonder 1800's.



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