Friday 3 October 2014

The most important thing

If someone were to ask you: "What's one thing you can't live without?", what would you say? It's a toughie, isn't it. Someone asked me (and everybody else who cares to answer) that question, and it has thrown me through a loop. I decided not to take the easy way out, which would be to substitute 'thing' with either an emotion (love, obviously), people (my husband), or other living creatures (the dogs and other assorted animals). Instead, I really tried to narrow it down to a thing. The thing I can't live without. 
After careful consideration, I could really only name one thing. I wish it was something honorable, like - I don't know, a sword maybe? To fight for someone's life? Or a stove, to provide hot meals for your loved ones?
Alas, mine is pretty selfish- yet practical! It is... computer (which includes the internet, obviously).
Yes, I know, I'm addicted. But you have to admit, it serves a multitude of purposes.

  • You can google life-saving tips when someone had an accident.
  • You can read on it when you are bored.
  • Or watch Netflix.
  • Or listen to music.
  • In case you are stranded somewhere (is that the scenario here?) you can google how to build a life raft.
  • Or shelter.
  • Or how to make fire without matches.
  • Or whatever else you may need - Google knows everything!
  • But the most important part: You can still blog and read blogs.

What is your most important thing?

xoxo Miriam

Today's prompt was: One thing you can't live without

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  1. I wish I could say something a bit different, but honestly same goes for me! Tea is a close #2 but I love to blog and not being able to do so would be too difficult! Also, I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with my family and friends who live far away, plan trips, order textbooks, etc. Life would be so much more difficult!
    ~ Samantha

  2. I had a tough time with this one too! I was really stuck trying to pick a direction. In the end, I ended up going a bit heavier for my 'thing', but my phone/computer/horse all rank up there pretty high!

  3. a computer really does it all!! it's such a wonderful tool for really, EVERYTHING!

  4. If i haven't picked what i've picked, i'd most probably also said computer for all the obvious reasons you just named. I always say: My friends all around the world live in there. Silly, i know - but also true somehow! ;)
    ps: That dog is really really cute - omg those ears!
    Luchessa @

  5. It is pretty amazing what one can do with the computer and internet. Such a resource!


  6. Yes, I would say my computer and the internet. Also,my phone. Blogging and reading blogs is very important.


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