Thursday 8 January 2015

My favourite Instagram accounts

Oh Instagram, how I love thee. IG is easily my favourite social media outlet, for a variety of reasons, but mostly: pretty pictures. You know how fascinated toddlers are when they stare at the TV or a particularly colourful picture book? That's me, looking at those bright little squares. I scroll through my feed many, many times a day (you could also say it's a bit of an unhealthy obsession, but let's not go there), because what is more irresistible than peeking at people's lives?

There is a very important fact you need to know though. The trick to enjoying all the amazingly perfect pictures without experiencing severe jealousy is to treat the experience as storytime. Imagine you are looking at a Hollywood movie or a fairy tale, and enjoy it for what it is: fantastic images of the beauty of the world - but not reality. 

Melyssa introduced her faves a few weeks ago on her blog, and I liked that idea so much that I decided to follow suit.  
(Oh, before we get started: Are we insta-friends yet?) 

cowboy life
This account is dedicated to all things Wild West and cowboy life, and shows a collection of amazing images found on the Web or sent in by different people. 

cowboys and horses
Another beautiful cowboy account. I believe the photographer is based in Utah, which offers breathtaking nature, and I'm in love with his animal shots. 

beautiful nature photography
Stunning nature photography. 

Ree Drummond
You all know Ree Drummond, right? She is a blogging superstar, has her own cooking show, published several books, and probably does a ton of other stuff I don't know about. What I like best though are her photos of ranch life. On her blog she has the category country life, and shares some of the photos on Instagram as well. She is hilarious, and I love her photos!

ranch life, wild west
This cute couple lives in Mexico on a ranch, and the love they have for their lifestyle shows in their photos. 

wilderness, adventure
Seeing all these stunning wilderness photos will give you a serious case of wanderlust. Consider yourself warned!

"Follow Me"
Russian photographer Murad Osmann's "Follow Me" project is epic. He and his gorgeous model girlfriend yourleo travel all over the world and he takes photos of her pulling him by the hand in front of famous landmarks. If I remember correctly, he got the idea because he would always trail behind, busy with his camera, while she walked in the front, urging him to come.  

Istanbul photographer
I love this photographer's high contrast images. He is based in Istanbul, but takes photos of cities around the world. 

beautiful places
A colourful collection of beautiful places. The images all feature saturated, vivid colours that make you happy!

Two pony-sized dogs, a pony, and an adorable little boy. Do I need to say more?

nature photography
Another account with outstanding nature photography. There is also the occasional city shot, just to mix it up a bit. 

tropical places, model
Remember how I talked about seeing all these images as fairy tales? Keep that in mind when looking at this girl's charmed photos. She is a model, and travels to the most exotic places on earth. She is also fortunate enough to have a photographer boyfriend who takes all these spectacular photos of her. So dreamy, it's hard to imagine this could be someone's real life? Oh right, it's not, it's all a fairy tale. ;-)

Whimsical, pretty pictures of the city of light, taken by photographer Carin Olsson who intended to stay in Paris for four months, but ended up never leaving. Who can blame her?

HONY, humans of New York
I'm a long-term fan of Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York project (I also wrote about it here). His combination of portrait photography and the accompanying stories is unique. He manages to capture real emotions in his features, and the stories range from heart warming to heartbreaking, and anything in between. 

cookies, bitch please
I'm obsessed with this creative genius. This LA-based baker is not only a baker, but an artist and incredibly funny to boot! Her sayings crack me up. I'm in awe of anyone who takes the time and effort to create art - but to know it will be eaten?! I don't know how she can stand the thought.  

ModCloth dresses
This girl loves books, dresses and ModCloth. Her quirky style is adorable, and I have serious dress envy looking at all her cute outfits! 

ABM, bandwife
Laura is one of the coolest chicks ever. She is stunning, incredibly creative, works at a little company called A Beautiful Mess, and has a rockstar husband. She makes you want to be BFFs, and she is incredibly funny as well.

Mustafa Seven
An Istanbul-based photographer, his city is the focus of many of his outstanding photos. What I like best though are his portraits: they pull you in, enthrall you, and make you want to find out more about the person in front of the camera.

Vivid,  breathtaking photography. The images are less about being realistic, and more about being art - I believe they are used in advertising. They are all so beautiful, I could stare at those photos for days. Fun fact: Mustafa Seven and Olay Seven founded the ad agency Sevenplus together (I just found that out). 

ocean photography
If you are in need of a little escape, look no further. These photos are so expressive, you almost feel like you are there. Just reach out your hand, and you can touch the turtle...

There you have it, my 20 most favourite IG acocunts. 

Before I leave, I wanted to let you all know how thankful I am to you for linking up yesterday. I had 15 links, way more than I expected! Thank you!!!!

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  1. That "Follow Me" project sounds awesome, I'll definitely have to check it out! I wish I could think of a more precise theme for my Instagram account Samsamcherie, but I just enjoy taking bright, colorful pictures!
    ~ Samantha

  2. All of these accounts look amazing! So colorful and bright!

  3. Cool accounts! You certainly have a thing for cowboys :) I love how vivid the olayseven ones are.

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  5. Wow Miriam (where that like button, when you need one?) what a wonderful idea to talk about your most loved Instagram accounts. I think i haven't seen most of them before and was literally just blown away by Murad Osmann's "Follow Me" project - how creative and captivating are his photos?! Wow...simply wow.
    Then of course the parisinfourmonths - because i personally loooove that type of accounts, they make me happy. (Even if they mostly make me hungry lol).
    dictiocanary makes me want to be her friend. She can't be boring with that cool collection of skirts. Have you seen that Christmas dress that she had on?! Simply incredible.

    You def made my evening with this post! Cheers to an inspiring 2015! xx
    Luchessa @

  6. Oh WOW so many goodies here! Lots of travel and vibrant colours, I love so many of these! Follow, follow, follow haha. I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for new gems. I had read about the Russian photographer, went really viral. Paris in four months - that would probably happen to me also! Everchanginghorizon - breathtaking!! I just read his tag line "to inspire others to get off the couch" well I'm sold! haha

  7. Aren't they amazing? It's like taking little mini-vacations looking at some of their pictures. Instagram keeps inspiring me to try to get better and better at photography. Love it!


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