Friday 30 January 2015

Style: Laugh it off

This week has been for the pits. Nothing really terrible happened, but a couple disappointments coupled with some bad news have shown me that life is not all sunshine and unicorns.

But. Yes, there is a but. A big, huge, glorious BUT!

There is so much kindness in this life as well. Your comments to my last post were so incredibly kind and uplifting. Thank you all so, so much, from the bottom of my heart!!!

I also discovered a book that's the answer to all my angst and insecurities (review coming soon!), and that has put my recent bout of not-so-great days into perspective. 

So I decided to pick myself up, dust myself off, and laugh into the face of life's practical jokes. You can try to knock me down life, but I will just get up again!  

Dress: Nally and Millie, bought at Otter Co-op (our friendly neighbourhood everything-you-need-store) (sort of similar); belt: part of this ensemble (similar); clogs: Lotta From Stockholm

Have a fabulous weekend my loves, your support is so amazing, I'm so grateful for blogland and its friendly people!
Lots of love to you all. 



  1. I love your optimism :) You are such a happy, carefree soul and I when I read your posts it's contagious - thank you so much for that! There are some days where I have literally woken up on the wayyyy wrong side of the bed and read a few of your posts...and boom, I'm in a good mood. Thanks for being such a great gal!
    ~ Samantha

  2. I love this post. Thanks for sharing! I'm constantly reminding myself, they can't all be great days! :)

  3. That dress is fun and fabulous just like you. I adore the tiny bow belt and sassy silver sandals, also. Life is never all sunshine but keep up the positive spirits. I am glad happy comments made your day as well.

    Happy February. Hugs, Ada. =)

  4. That dress (and you!) is/are too cute! This week is gonna be a better one, I'm certain. :)


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