Tuesday 13 January 2015

The agony and the ecstasy + Let's grow together {link-up #2}

Gosh, I can't handle pressure. Even self-inflicted pressure. I had such high hopes for today, envisioning a clever, witty post that would make you all want to come back time and time again. The title popped into my head during my walk yesterday, when I was trying to think up a post, and I vaguely pictured a blurb about the good things/bad things that have happened so far this year.

I had a pretty decent start:
"It has to be said, January is a strange month. It reeks of disappointment and failed resolutions, money shortage and frustration. Add to that the omnipresent flu/cold, and you have the recipe for a very drab month. In short: the agony."

And that's it. I got stuck after this short paragraph, and have been stuck ever since. Under normal circumstances I would just stop trying, not worry about it and watch Netflix instead. But these are not normal circumstances! I'm trying to run a linkup here, and who knew that "writing about whatever" could be so tricky?
The real problem is that the idea of yet another recap was a bad one, doomed from the start. We have just survived a mega wave of recap-posts, and I realize now that it may be too soon to start another. Besides, the last two weeks have been pretty uneventful.

How much can one write about work/eating candy/walking dogs/listening to stories/eat more candy/feel muscles wasting away due to lack of real exercise/read/play around on computer/eat junk food/feel guilty about eating too much candy and junk food/cough/repeat? Not that much.

The real irony here is that the title became true in the end after all: This entire post is agony, but the linkup and all your lovely faces are ecstasy! So please, link up and do better than me. I have no doubt that you will.

Before I slink away, here is a collage of pictures I took yesterday during the few hours of glorious sunshine we enjoyed before the fog started rolling in. I quite like fog, for its eerie quality and Harry Potter-ish ambiance; but sunshine wins every time, no question about it.

Farm Girl



  1. But the point is to keep going :)

    Even when we think we're not clear cut perfect or spontaneous, there's a magic on being able to express with joy, passion or effort what we feel in the moment. I have this days ever so often, but this is what makes blogging so much, being able to have a conversation with every tiny soul that stumbles with your words. I love your honesty as always!

    Stay awesome Miriam! xx

  2. Fog is very Harry Potter-ish! It has been snowy and gloomy here. I quite like it - as long as it doesn't stay too long. :)

  3. That is a gorgeous picture of the peacock!

  4. Pretty pictures! You need to take foggy farm pictures ;) http://www.discoverdigitalphotography.com/2014/fog-mist-photography-tips/

  5. Hey! I left Blogger for WP but am still reading you ;) HNY2015

  6. miriam, your blog looks so good! i love the new lay-out and the link up and all your plans and dreams for the blog, it's inspiring :)


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