Friday 9 January 2015

Style: The odd couple

Tomorrow is our 10-year wedding anniversary! It's crazy to think that we have been married for such a long time. High five, babe! We don't always do something special on our anniversary, but you can't ignore the first decade, now can you? Once in a while we like to go to the theatre, and when I was searching for a performance on that day I came across The odd couple. Reading that title made me literally laugh out loud! 
When we first got together, there were quite a few people who thought that we made an odd couple: Me looking younger than my 23 years, him bald and grey-bearded. The age difference was glaringly obvious, and naturally people expected it not to last. 

Well, 12 years later we are stronger than ever. I love that man of mine with all my heart, and I know the same is true for him. We are equal partners, talking about everything, supportive of each other, laughing our heads off together, and he is my very best friend in the world. The critics have long been silenced, and I know that this odd couple is in it for the long run! 

I did a little test run of the outfit I'm going to wear tomorrow, and here it is! It was cool that day, but windstill, and I made it through the photos without even goosebumps on my arms. So far the winter has been kind to us this year!

Velvet dress: gift (similar); purse: Winners (old) (similar); shoes: old (similar

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  1. Va Va Voom Miriam! Good pick. You look beautiful.

  2. You look stunning!! Your husband is a lucky man. And you're a lucky lady. So you're well suited, then and now.

    Happy anniversary! Have a wonderful celebration!

  3. Love the blue earrings with the red dress! Gorgeous, as always, my friend ☺💕👍

  4. Love the outfit Miriam, and a huge congratulations on your 10 year wedding anniversary! I swear every time I visit your blog I find another reason to be inspired by you!

  5. Ow owww! (Ps that's me typing a cat call haha)
    I'm so happy for you, 10 years is a big milestone! Your dress looks fantastic and so do you (seriously, have you been working out?)! I hope you have a wonderful celebration Miriam!
    <3 <3 Samantha

  6. You look awesome! Happy anniversary!

  7. I thought the exact same thing as Mary comment! I would whistle, a. if I could, b. if you could hear me. Hope you guys had a fantastic night out!! Happy Anniversary!

  8. Loving the dress and of course the shoes. Thanks for linking up and I hope to see you Thursday

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