Tuesday 20 January 2015

I believe...

... in list making.

... in long, lazy mornings spent in your pyjamas.

... in not having regrets.

... in laughing loud and often.

... that we all belong somewhere. If you haven't found your tribe yet, keep looking!

... in the therapeutic powers of watching Gilmore Girls.

... that hormones are pure evil and are to blame for all irrational decision making.

... in not taking life too seriously.

... that stress is the number one reason people get sick.

... that everyone can find passion in life.

... that happy people are beautiful.

... that animals enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams.

... in saying yes to new experiences.

... in saying no to negativity and toxic people.

... in never giving up.

... in the magic of the written word.

... that a cute outfit can turn that frown upside down.

... in forgiveness.

... in a colourful life.

... in true love.

... in dreaming BIG!

What do you believe in?



  1. Such a great list! I totally agree with all of these :) lists are the best!

  2. I really need to watch Gilmore Girls! And I 100% agree in the power of list-making!

  3. Love this! So much truth here. :)

  4. this is beautiful :) i love lists like these.

  5. I believe that cuddles with the dog will get rid of any sad/grumpy moods! Also, I totally agree about the Gilmore Girls' magic powers - even if I only have seasons 1 & 2.
    Debi x

    1. Do you have Netflix? All the seasons are on it! I'm halfway through season 6, and I love them all! Already sad for the day when I will have finished it.
      Totally YES for dog snuggles! My dogs can always make me smile :-)

  6. Everything. Anything? All of the above!!! Especially the therapeutic watching of Gilmore Girls and never giving up. Seriously NEVER giving up. There have been a few times in my life where I've definitely been there...on the verge...and I just had to push through it and keep going. Who knew three words could have such a powerful message?
    ~ Samantha

  7. I love this Miriam! I'm having a bit of an off day today and this is exactly the kind of thing I needed to read to get me out of my funk!


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