Friday 1 November 2013

Halloween - the day after

Happy November! How was your night? Did you all get up to crazy shenanigans? Mine was in-sane: Big Bang Theory watching, cruising the net, in bed by 9:30pm. Exciting, no? 
My doggies are terrified by fire crackers, so I had them all in our mud room (they are usually outside dogs), trying to calm them down. Poor babies. 

New month, new challenge(s)! Today there will be 2 posts, because I still participate in the Swiftly painted self portrait challenge, and it's time for the second prompt:  
Describe a person, place or thing that you depend on emotionally. Create an image of you with a mask / disguise.

The person I depend on most in my life is my love, my husband Richard. He is so many things to me: soulmate, confidant, best friend, teacher, endless source of silly jokes. We daydream together, always rely on each other, and always have fun. Humour and laughing are so important in a relationship! They may just be the secret to a happy marriage.
I will forever be grateful that we found us 11 years ago.     

xo Miriam

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