Monday 18 November 2013


Having time off is funny. One of the things you dream about when working? Sleeping in. Aaahhh, it's the best! But then what happens? You wake up before the crack of dawn at 5:30 am and can't get back to sleep. Craziness.

But it has its good points. I'm sitting here in the near darkness on the couch in the living room, the coffee is brewing, and my head is spinning with ideas for our home.
This year for me has been all about cherishing our home. Last year we were restless: we travelled more than usual, went camping more than usual, had lots of ideas and dreams of moving away. We wanted new adventures! A new chapter! Wilderness, a simpler life, back to nature.

But, slowly over the past 11 months, we have come to the realization that we truly love our home. Not only the area we live in, but the property and house on it. And we have spent most of the year being at home, re-discovering it, seeing it in a new light, and finding a whole new level of appreciation for it.

I fell back in love with it.
Bit by bit, we have made little improvements all over. Which leads me to my weekly wishes:

1. Finish painting the front door.
2. Paint the hallway.
3. Take pictures of it!

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Happy Monday!

xo Miriam


  1. I am so glad you feel in love with you home!! Nothing is better than the place you rest your head!! It's only been the last two years that I have truly loved where I've lived!! Good luck with your wishes this week!! Looking forward to your pictures!

  2. Aww there is no place like home. Here's to hoping you get it all done. Better get started on painting the door since you'll have to keep it open nearly all day until it dries.

  3. I love this because I feel like I am going through something similar with our home. I hope you have a great staycation! Enjoy working on your list :0)

  4. Great goals- have a good week!

  5. Good luck with your goals this week! I'm sure it will be nice to have some of those tasks done!

  6. Good luck and have fun with all the painting!


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