Sunday 24 November 2013

Day in the desert

Greetings from Atascadero!
Yesterday was spectacular. Instead of heading straight to the coast we decided on a whim to take a longer route through the desert - and absolutely loved it. Amazing, breathtaking country! It was very cloudy and had just rained, which gave it its own unique charm. Rain in the desert is so rare, it made it special.

I took a ton of pictures, but I restrained myself and didn't dump them all on here. Even though I wanted to, believe me ;-)

We stumbled upon Route 66! It was a total fluke, we got slightly lost, and all of a sudden we noticed the sign.
I have a soft spot for it since it has always been my dad's dream to drive along it one day.
Hopefully he will be able to do it!
We have been mainly eating in diners so far because we try to avoid fast food restaurants.
This one hit the spot: tea and lemon meringue pie for Rich, coffee and an apple empanada for me.

The perfect ending for the day was the best.meal.ever. Ohmygod it was so delicious!
We went to a Mexican restaurant and I ordered their grilled seabass with shrimps, cilantro rice, and the most heavenly creamy, spicy sauce I have ever tasted. Divine! I could eat this sauce for the rest of my life it was that good.
They also had a wicked sangria: I had one glass and was drunk. Whowzer!
All in all, an excellent day.

I hope your weekend is going well!

xo Miriam


  1. That last picture of the sunset is so stunning and now I am craving Mexican food after reading your description of the seabass. Gosh, I love Mexican food, but it virtually non-existent in up here in New England.

  2. Beautiful! I love the windfarm photo. For some reason, I just love it when I come upon them on the highway.

  3. I love seeing you enjoy places I have never thought of as beautiful, being from Southern California driving up 5 to Northern California is in my head the boring way!

    1. We didn't take I5 (you are right, it is a bit boring). Instead we went to Yucca Valley via 62, then to Victorville, up a bit on 66 towards Barstow, and then via Bakersfield to Atascadero. A really nice drive!


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