Wednesday 20 November 2013

Style: Winterwonderland dress

Today is the day where we are starting our adventure! It is 10:35 am right now - Richard's plan is to leave at 1 pm. My guess is we are lucky if we get out of here by 3 pm, so there's still plenty of time.

Originally I wanted to go outside and take a few photos, but we have a couple guys here and I would feel too silly taking pictures of myself when they can see me. So I took them in the house. It really isn't quite the same as posing with dogs, but it will do.

This dress is from ModCloth and I'm obsessed with it. That print? It's so whimsical! I love it. It is also really warm and doesn't require accessories. Easy peasy!
The shoes are another one of my special finds from Old Navy. I spied them yesterday for $5.97! I actually like them better now than I did in the store, I almost didn't buy them. Imagine that!
The tights are from Old Navy as well. Love me some polkadots.

The first photo is my attempt to get into the spirit of the season. I consider that goal accomplished.
Next time you hear from me we will be somewhere in the Americas!

xoxo Miriam

Addendum: It is 1:18 pm and we are leaving. I'm shocked! 


  1. I don't know about you but your outfit is making throw on a scarf and find a frozen lake to skate on! And that's a good thing. Keep spreading the cheer and have fun on your trip!

    1. Aww thank you Mary! I like the ice skating idea a lot. But for the next week it's gonna be palm trees and balmy temperatures!

  2. You are so cute and I cannot wait to be able to dress cute like this again one day!

  3. Cute cute! I really need to do some serious looking at modcloth... I always like what I see on others. Safe travels!! :)

  4. Love the dress! It is definitely whimsical!

  5. love the dress! and have fun on your trip!! :D

  6. Thank you all SO MUCH lovely ladies! Wi-Fi is spottier than expected, just read your comments now and they made my day!!


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