Wednesday 6 November 2013

Seven girls and a Johnny

Guys, you may have gotten the gist by now that I'm a fairly homey person. Clubs and bars are not my scene (any more). My idea of a good time is lighting a fire in the back yard, open a bottle (who are we kidding, open a box) of wine and reminisce about life with whoever happens to be there - preferably the hubs or the dogs, or wiser and more interesting people than myself. 

But. Once in a while special circumstances propel me to drag a brush through my hair, throw on some nice clothes and go out in the real world - and last Sunday was one of those circumstances. 

You see, after years and years of being in a mixed group of single, dating and only a few married peeps, they are all slowly getting hitched now. And/or knocked up. Whichever comes first. We are all growing up!
So we met up last Sunday to celebrate our friend Kristen's upcoming nuptials! There were cocktails, and food, and much laughter. 
I was semi-successful in documenting it all:
I brought my 'real' camera (yay!), but didn't take a single picture of the drinks or food (fail). Oh well. 

To make up for it I did some 'gentle' (ahem) editing - you gotta wear a pink crown, Kristen! 
The gorgeous bride-to-be is on your left. The one with the crown. Edisa (on the right) organized it all - thanks Edisa!
We had a spontaneous dance party outside afterwards. Isn't Johnny the cutest?
There are 3 moms in these pictures! Yummy mummys or what?!
Posing nicely. 
"Let's do Charlie's angels!"

What a fun night! 
Can't wait for the wedding :)

xo Miriam


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