Tuesday 26 November 2013

Three things I can't live without

Sand dunes in Marina Beach
I've been up since 7am. Again. This trip proofs to be some sort of time machine: I have transformed into a senior citizen who goes to bed at 9pm and is up at the crack of dawn. Very strange.
However, it gives me plenty of time to spend online in the morning.
And today I came across Bonnie's question: You are going on a trip, what are the three must have items in your travel bag?
Perfect timing! I am on a trip, that should be easy. Just take a peek into my suitcase and I'm all set.
Pebble Beach, Monterey

1. Camera
That one is obvious. To this day I regret that we didn't take a single picture on our first trip together through Spain, 11 years ago. I have a bad memory! Even though I still remember the trip, there are so many things about the country I have forgotten. Without photos to jog the memory, make you cringe when looking at bad hair and fashion choices, and reminisce over the whole vacation seems diminished. And that's really sad.
Will I laugh at my clogs one day? Impossible to imagine now (I love them!), but let's talk again in 11 years.
Lover's Point, Monterey
2. Entertainment
I have an irrational fear of being bored. The thought of being on a flight without my kindle/books/magazines/movies terrifies me. It would be beyond terrible. Akin to torture. Just sitting there, not doing anything? Unimaginable.
On this trip I have 'only' brought along my kindle and laptop. Bare essentials, no? And of course Richard to bug talk/sing to (I make up songs when I get bored) on the long drives.

 3. Cute outfits
Vain? Yup. But I can't help it. I love clothes. Not being able to always dress the way I want in everyday life (scrubs at work, farm clothes at home), dressing on vacation is a big part of the fun for me. And who wants to wear the same outfit in every photo? (Richard, that's who. He couldn't care less.)
But it stops at the outfit for me: there is zero make-up on my face, my hair is atrocious, and on this trip I am also breaking out like a teenager. Can't have everything.

What are your three must-have items when you go away?

Linking up with Bonnie from A Compass Rose.

Love, Miriam


  1. Hands down - my camera is #1, a good pair of walking shoes because once we park the car, it usually stays put until we leave and an arsenal of pain meds and antacids. My husband always tells me that they sell this stuff where we are going but I don't care. I want tums on my person at all times! LOL

    1. I get nervous when I forget to bring gravol, it's always in my purse.

  2. Love your list...okay, mine are 1. Michael, I know that sounds sappy, but it's true, I don't travel well without him. 2. My Stuffed Bunny, o.k. that has always been a secret, but it's time to let it out....Yes, I have a stuffy, and Yes, it goes with me anywhere I'm going to be overnight...(no I don't suck my thumb...lol) 3. Underwear, not your normal amount, way over 2 day overnighter, will constitute aprox 9 pair (no bladder problems...just a weird ocd)
    Maybe this is why we don't go on vacation?....lol

  3. I would have to say my three items would be kindle, camera, and sunscreen (lots of sunscreen because I get sunburn so easily), Oh, I think you'll still love those clogs ten years from now because I have been ordering the same style of Stegmann clogs since the late nineties (I wear out at least a pair every year).

    1. You are right, clogs are for the ages! Mine are from Lotta from Stockholm, I love them

  4. okay, totally agree that a camera is the !1 in the list of 3!!!
    good walking shoes to take in all the sights [err... pigeons in your case hahaha!! I KID!!!] but not really ;)
    and 3: a super amazing book just in case i got tired of looking at pigeons!!

    have fun on your adventure!

    1. Haha thanks! There's only so many pigeons I can look at, that's why I always have my kindle close by :-)


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