Monday 25 November 2013

Wildlife extravaganza

You may have noticed that our trip is filled with nature and not much else. That is entirely on purpose.
We are weird that way: Once we are out in the wilderness and have nothing but sky above us, trees/desert/vastness/ocean around us, we don't want to see huge buildings, concrete and lots of people.
So we bypassed LA and any of the other huge cities in favour of tiny towns.
When we look for a place to eat we prefer individual small restaurants or diners, not the big chains.

But instead of boring you with more pictures of clouds and sky (and there are many, many more), today is all about the wildlife we encountered yesterday.
And maybe a sandcastle thrown in. Since we finally made it to the coast!

Seeing the ocean for the first time after a few days of - well, not being close to it (do I make sense?) is always uplifting. There's just something carefree, mood boosting about it! In German we have a saying that describes when we are feeling happy, grateful and appreciative: "My heart opens". I kept telling Richard throughout the day: "My heart is still open. Wiiide open." It was a wonderful day.

Elephant seals! There were hundreds of them, it was incredible. The females and their babies were resting on the beach, while the males were in the water: guarding them, fighting, roaring, and mating. Yes, we saw a couple mate!

Yes, we saw zebras, mixed in with cows. Go figure.

What a beautiful day. How was your Sunday?

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xoxo Miriam


  1. I am such fool in love with seals. The only time I have ever seen them in the wild was when I visited Cape Breton and it was just turning into Spring so the icebergs had melted and the seal pups were on the beach with their mama's. They were too cute for words.

    1. They are! We saw more today and I'm obsessed. There were a mom and baby on a rock, we watched them for a bit, and then mom dived into the water to hunt. Baby kept looking around for her, it was so sad/cute!

  2. You must have been by Hearst Castle when you saw the zebras! I remember when I saw them the first time I was so excited!

    1. Yes we were! Gosh you know that area well, wow! I couldn't believe it - I mean, zebras?? Crazy!


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