Thursday 7 November 2013

A day in the life

This made me smile (source)
I'm writing today's post from my sickbed. Once again, I'm learning something (that should be obvious) the hard way. Here is my little tale of caution: If you are feeling under the weather for a week, trying to fight off a cold, do NOT get the flu shot. It should be a no-brainer (especially when the questionnaire thingy at the pharmacy specifically asks if you are feeling ill), but I had the typical German reaction: "Ach! It won't be so bad."
Well, turns out it is. Apart from my arm still hurting 48 hours later, I swear I can feel my immune system battling with the flu virus. My entire body feels sore, joints are aching, I get hot and cold waves. That combined with breakouts, a rash and a lovely pallid complexion is enough to make me want to hide under the covers. Which is what I will be doing for the rest of the day.

But this is not a typical day in the life of this farm girl. (Thank god for that.)
In preparation for linking up with a happy girl, I took some pictures in the last little while to show you what one of my typical days looks like.
Let's go!
Always. (source for the image on the left)
Coffee in the morning is a necessity. Without it I would never leave my bed.

Computer time with more hot beverages
Coffee (or tea) is accompanied by blogging, reading blogs, answering emails, and the occasional frequent online browsing (less shopping lately - does that mean I'm maturing?).

One of the loves of my life.
 Usually there is a dogwalk somewhere in the day.

Work (top left going clockwise): the hospital; x-ray room; treats a co-worker made; me in OR gear
Hanging out with these guys
No day is complete without Rich and my dogs. They are my family and the loves of my life.
I also usually hang out with these guys:

And, of course, assorted humans.

Well, that's it in a nutshell.

Oh wait, one more thing: If I'm not working late, I like to end my day with this:
Yes, I still watch Friends, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it. 
Now it's complete.

What does your typical day look like?

xo Miriam


  1. Seriously?? Still feeling effects from that flu shot?? I am most certainly not getting it this year. It's way too uncertain whether or not it's even good for this year's strains... I hope you start feeling better so soon!
    We have to sign a waver at our hospital if we don't get the shot.
    I'm signing it.

    1. I would gladly sign a waver, but we have to wear a mask all through flu season if we don't get the shot. Not very practical for work. I think it hit me like this because I was already getting sick. A few days in bed with lots of rest will hopefully do the trick!

  2. I would have got the shot too, that is just like me to say I will just do it and deal with it later!

    1. Are we in denial? Or just stubborn? I can't decide.

  3. Your animals are beautiful. And I LOVE your chicken cup!

  4. Are your dogs great Pyrenees? I have a Bernese mountain dog named Mogli and I love him so much. I'm looking into breeding him with great pyrenees because those dogs are GORGEOUS but breeding rights are hard to come by. Beautiful dogs. New follower from BBN!

    1. Hi Whit! Only one is a Great Pyrenees, the big guy on the top left of the 9-picture collage (2nd to last photo). The other white ones are a Kuvasz and a Maremma. Crossing a Bernese and a Pyr would be amazing! I love big dogs, they are so sweet and gentle.
      Your blog is great, really unique and funny! New follower as well :-)


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