Monday 4 November 2013



wide open spaces
the wind in my hair
being able to pay the bills
not caring what other people think
being able to marry the man you love
freedom from depression thanks to medication
having an open mind for new ideas and ways of thinking
living in a country where you have freedom of speech and political freedom
having a world of opportunities and the freedom to choose what path to take
living the life you want, no excuses, no matter how strange it may seem to everybody else

This was a 5-minute writing challenge. Who would have thought it could be done? Not me my friends!
Linking up with a happy girl.

Happy Monday!

xo Miriam


  1. you know what also helps with writing??
    you sure showed this challenge!!

  2. Wine helps with evvverything hehe. Thanks Misty!

  3. Great post, what a beautiful picture! Going to have to follow you (can't pass up on another western Canada blogger!)

    1. Are you a western Canadian blogger as well?? I'm at work with not very good computers, but as soon as I'm home I'll try to find your blog! Thanks for your sweet comment and the follow :-)

  4. I LOVE this post!! So simple, but so true! New follower from the Collective :)


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