Thursday 14 November 2013

There's a fridge in my living room

This is day 2 of the buttcrack gang invading my house. Who are they you may wonder?
They are the guys who turned my house upside down and parked the fridge and stove (along with everything else from the kitchen) in our living room:
Do you see? A fridge! In my living room! And behind it: A stove! They don't belong there!
Neither do the 2 kitchen tables and all these chairs. 
*Disclaimer: I took these pictures on the sly when the guys stepped out for a minute. So they are blurry and/or bad quality.

We are getting a new floor in our kitchen. Which was not my idea, but that's neither here nor there. Yesterday the floor guys came. And by golly, you couldn't miss them.
There were five of them. Five! All with their jeans hung low so their butt cracks are on display at all times. Not only when they bend over, but also when they stand fully upright. I have surmised that this must be part of their uniform. Otherwise, why would they all wear their jeans so low? It's not 1996 any more guys!

But that's not all.

They are loud. And frankly, a bit scary. I hid in my bedroom (that's where this post is currently being written), but made sure they know that I'm home. Just in case. You know, if they have questions or something. But either they forgot, or they don't care - they keep using my bathroom. For number 2s! And then they come out and talk about it!
We had to temporarily park my fish ("Fishly") in there because we also got new carpet in the spare bedroom where Fishly usually lives. Again, not my idea.

Anyway, just now one of the guys came out and loudly proclaimed: "That fish kept staring at my while I took a dump!" Uproarious laughter on their part. Mortification on mine. That's what inspired me to write this down, because frankly, I need to share my misery.
A different angle of the stove in our living room. 
Why, oh why do they have to be so coarse? And open with their bodily functions? I applaud everyone who feels comfortable in their skin, but this is too much.

They also emptied out the fridge before they moved it. Because it's lighter? Or to not throw everything around? I don't know. The contents are currently lined up on the counter for them to freely comment on:
See that empty space straight ahead? That's where the stove usually lives. 
And comment they do. They made remarks about the can of Strongbow, my German Christmas Stollen, and - well, that's all I heard. But I feel judged! And strangely vulnerable. Don't talk about my stuff when I can hear you!

Well, that's what's been going on around here. I fervently hope they will finish today and I can start putting my life my house back together again. There is such a mess everywhere that I will take this opportunity for a thorough decluttering. Because as of Saturday, 6 pm, I will be on vacation for a glorious 19 days! It can't come soon enough.

I have so many things planned that I will actually make a list, put it on here and then see how many of the items on it I can cross off. But more about this tomorrow.

Now I will sneak out and hang with the dogs for a bit. For some, ahem, fresh air. (The bathroom is really close to my bedroom. Just saying.)

Thanks for listening!

xo Miriam



  1. I never know what to do with myself when contractors come to my home. I can not act natural! LOL But these guys - just WOW! I deal with contractors of all walks of life throughout the US and Canada. If any of my vendors acted like this, you can guarantee the homeowner would be calling us to complain. Oh the stories I can tell! We had a complaint today that the female customer said our technician had winked at her as he said his goodbyes and left. Hahaha! I hope they will be getting out of your house and once they are done, maybe you should inform their boss about what is said when they think no one can hear. It really is poor customer service on their part. Like my boss says, "You are only as good as your last job."
    I love you orange wall and white brick fireplace BTW :0)

    1. Thanks Mary!
      They are gone, halleluja! I told my husband, he just shook his head. Strange behaviour. But the floor looks great, in the end that's all that counts, right?

  2. I can definitely relate to this. My parents do a lot of renovations and often have strange men moving things around in their house. Right now they're building a shed (one larger than my house, so maybe it's not technically a "shed") and my mom is slightly frightful of a few of the people who come into the house for lunch. Most of them are really once once you get to know them though - so that's good.

    1. That's true. Rough exterior and soft interior. I guess if you would catch them alone and not in a big group they might be totally different. A bunch of guys together resembles a herd of gorillas sometimes!

  3. Ughhhh I could not handle all that number 2 in my house!

    1. I knooowww! I scrubbed that toilet like no tomorrow. It is thoroughly disinfected now :)


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