Thursday 30 October 2014

Some strange facts

Oh hi, fancy seeing you here! Or should I say, seeing myself here? 
I decided to jump back into Blogtober for the last 2 days, to make it an uneven 17 days of participation in total. 17 out of 31 isn't too shabby, right? At least I crossed the halfway mark.

Today's prompt is facts about ourselves. As bloggers, we tend to talk a lot about ourselves: in our posts, the tricky About page, that little blurb on Instagram, in the form of the photos we share. (Did you notice my shameless plugs haha?) Every time someone finds out about the blog, they want to know what it is about, and we give them a quick overview. It is a bit like writing a resume over and over! Maybe that is why we bloggers are so aware of our needs and wants, because we think about them so much. Blogging definitely improves self awareness - one of the many things I like about it. However, trying to think of facts that you might not know yet makes this challenge quite challenging indeed!

Well, I dug deep, and came up with 10 weird facts about me:

1. After years of consuming diet products, I am now terrified of them. Particularly diet pop. I'm convinced they make your insides rot - so much so, that I now feel physically sick whenever I accidentally drink one. (The power of the mind.) At the rare occasion that I have a pop, it's full sugar all the way!

2. I have wacky dreams almost every night. One that repeatedly shows up is bathroom dreams: Bathrooms with no privacy, people watching me, or the old classic: I go into a stall and lock it, only to find out that there are no walls between the toilets. What does it mean?? It's such an annoying dream.

3. Since I don't like cheese, Mac'n Cheese has never appealed to me. My version when I crave a bowl full of pasta: Noodles with ketchup. Delicious! Don't knock it till you've tried it!

4. The corgi and I sleep bum to bum at night. Round bums unite!

5.  I am toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe, as inspired by Jenny. The idea thrills and terrifies me simultaneously.

6. When writing, I google a lot of words/expressions, to make sure I use them correctly. I hope google hasn't let me down without me realizing it?!

7. Speaking of which, one of the search keywords that has led one lucky soul to my blog is "vbhbfv afhv". (I took great care to copy it down exactly.) Have I ever said that??

8. After approximately 12 years of not caring about my hair at all, I have developed quite the attachment. Normal or worrysome? I can't decide.

9. Also, after steadfastly claiming that "I don't do DIY", I did, in fact, do some DIY recently. I made glitter bunting and some garlands, and - dare I say it? It was fun! I want to do more! I'm even contemplating some home made Christmas gifts this year. Who AM I? I blame Pinterest.

10. I never flossed until I came to Canada at the age of 23, and have the cavities to prove it. Now I am religious about flossing!

What are some of your quirks? Share below!

xo Miriam

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  1. I also suffer bathroom related dreams!! Mine is always that I need to use a toilet and when I find one it is not working.

  2. I would think the bathroom dreams are about putting yourself out there / exposing your feelings to the world... any concerns over blog posts lately or are you making a change that would me you feel vulnerable at first? Just my thought on the matter.

    I can not blog or use any social media without google. Google is my friend :0)

  3. I would love to have a nice small wardrobe, I just find it so hard to find the "perfect" pieces. It is a work in progress, I just wish someone was like here, here are clothes that will last a long time and you will love :) I don't really like shopping for clothes. I Google everything, and double check phrases and word usages. REALLY ketchup and noodles!?! I've never heard of that. Though I like butter and noodles.

  4. I love cheese! But I also love pasta with tomato ketchup so its all good! Diet pop always makes me poorly so I am totally with you on that one!

  5. I am constantly Googling words and phrases to be sure I'm using them/spelling them correctly. And I too am religious about flossing!

    Also, I'm contemplating a capsule wardrobe. My friend Britt recently posted about another girl's blog - Un-fancy. Apparently she's the capsule wardrobe queen! I'm really, really tempted to try it.

    -Amy (A Desert Girl)

  6. Noodles and ketchup made me gag a little! HAHA. I blame it on the pregnancy.

    I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe as well. You should do it and blog about it so I can see if I want to try it.

  7. I always use google to check spelling, grammar, phrases-- you name it! And used to not floss either, but I've made it my mission a year ago to floss every night, and I made it!!

  8. there are so many things we have in common! we even started flossing at the same age, haha ^^ and i really agree on no.1, i think the world should ban all things "light"

  9. Baha! The toilet stall dream. That is hilarious and weird. I love it.

  10. I used to consume everything diet as well. Until I found out that artificial sugar is worse for you then real sugar. Now, I just consume regular soda or regular drinks. I do like Stevia though and it is one of the more natural sugars since it comes from a plant. I don't usually remember my dreams but when I do dream they are pretty strange. I still don't worry too much about my hair but I have become obsessed with wearing makeup. Once I get my hair cut though I will probably be obsessed with how it looks because I will want to keep my hair looking nice and in good shape which it is not right now.

  11. Oh my gosh NO to diet products! I used to be all weight-conscious and would only eat sugar free/diet/fat free/etc and when I went vegan I learned how completely AWFUL these things are for you. Basically, diet = replace nutrition with chemicals. A healthy "diet" food? Fruit! Veggies! And all the hummus in the world! lol
    By the way, I applaud you for not liking mac n cheese - its just an all-around awful idea. Personally I like noodles with either nutritional yeast (vegan cheese) or good ol' noodles and marinara. Mmmmm :)
    ~ Samantha
    PS I think its hilarious that you and your pooch sleep bum to bum. That's so gonna be me when I get my chocolate lab!


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