Tuesday 27 January 2015

Golden light

While large parts of North America are battling blizzards and snow infernos, our little corner here on the west coast of Canada is positively spring-like. We had 15ºC/60ºF over the last two days, which is bizarre for January. And awesome. Scary, though - global warming is real, you guys!
Anyway, it was time to get some pictures of it. Here they are!

First snowdrop
Pigeons and a half moon
Flowering hazel
 Ducks walking
Goose with an attitude
Ram protecting his harem
Little disagreement (no worries, nobody got hurt)
Golden llamas
Winter sunset

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  1. Love the pics! I am so excited for winter to be over. The last couple days have brought such hope! :)

  2. Great pictures! Send some of that warm weather to the east coast please!

  3. Your images are flawless!

  4. Great photos! I especially love that first one and the one of the llamas. 60 degrees sounds lovely right now as I watch snow fall around me:)


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